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Präsident: Eric Schweizer

email: schweizer381@yahoo.de

Neuigkeiten !!

Dear WHF Representative,

The Swedish World Championships 2022 need YOUR help.

I am pleased to tell you that our Swedish hosts for the World Championships later this year are well underway with their preparations. You will see from the following programme that there are some changes to what traditionally takes place, and the event has been scaled back to three days of practice / racing.

This is necessary because of the escalating cost of organising the event, particularly the essential medical cover. Regrettably, without this reduction in competition time it would simply not be possible for Sweden to host our event. Having said that I can assure you we will have a fantastic World Championship and enjoy a great welcome and hospitality from our Swedish hosts. The site will be open from the 31st August with racing on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th September.

It will be of great assistance to our Swedish hosts if you will register with them as soon as possible on or after the 1st of May so that they can make all their necessary arrangements for us.

After such a long break from our World Championships I’m really looking forward to this next one ~ I hope you are too and look forward to meeting up with you there.
World Hovercraft Championship, Flottsbro Sweden, 2-4 Sept. 2022

Provisional programme

1st May
WHC web site opens for registration, www.swedenhovercraft.se

31st Aug Arrival, Site & paddock open.
1st Sept Registration for pilots, Scrutineering of craft, Parts of racecourse open for ER participants. Opening Ceremony & Open BBQ, bring your own food to grill.

2nd Sept Briefing, Practice all formulas, Heats 1* & 2 all formulas.

3rd Sept Briefing, Practice all formulas, Heats 3 & 4 all formulas, Dinner in the restaurant.

4th Sept Briefing, Practice all formulas, Heats 5 & 6 all formulas, Prize giving.

* Heat 1 will determine the grid positions in Heat 2, but no points will be counted. Grid position for Heat 1 will be from the last WHC positions (pilots without results in last WHC will be placed in back at the back of the grid).
From now Cabins on site at Flottsbro can be booked at www.flottsbro.com (As usual this Bulletin will be circulated to as many people as possible but please pass it on to anyone who you think may be interested).
Ein Brief von Tony Drake, Präsident der World Hovercraft Federation
Hallo alle,
In den letzten Wochen/Monaten habe ich mit Magnus über die Wiedereinberufung unserer Weltmeisterschaften in Schweden gesprochen. Ich freue mich sehr, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass Magnus und das schwedische Team mit Flottsbro verhandeln konnten, damit wir zwischen dem 31. August und dem 4. September 2022 dorthin zurückkehren können. Sobald weitere Details vorliegen, werde ich Sie auf dem Laufenden halten.
Ich weiß, Sie werden mir zustimmen, dass dies eine gute Nachricht ist, und wir sind Magnus und dem schwedischen Team zu Dank verpflichtet.
Ich werde dafür sorgen, dass in den nächsten Tagen ein WHF-Bulletin an alle verschickt wird, aber ich dachte, Sie sollten der Erste sein, der es erfährt.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Tony M Drake, JP. Präsident ~
World Hovercraft Federation